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“Man and the Natural World”

10.10.14 Wildlife Wednesdays: Disney Efforts Help to Protect the Golden Lion Tamarin's Forest Home


Continents and countries

  Лексические различия между двумя языками заметны даже на самом примитивном уровне общения. Речь идет не только об использовании разных слов и выражений, но и о манере построения предложений.


Great Britain                  "Word"                       America

     Фонарь                          Torch                        Факел

     Печенье                        Biscuit                         Кекс

     Кальсоны                     Pants                         Брюки

Подземный переход         Subway                      Метро

Халат и тапочки        "Gown and slippers"      Вечернее                                                                            платье и туфли



- How are you?

- Well.

- Will you go to the cinema?

- No.


- How ya doin'?

- Good.

- Gonna go to the movies?

- Nope.



   When we are ill, we call a doctor, and he examines us and diagnoses the illness. When we have a headache, a stomachache, a sore throat, a cold, or a pain in some parts of the body, we call a doctor. He takes our temperature and our pulse. He examines our heart, our lungs, our stomach and tells us what the matter is. The doctor prescribes a medicine, and gives us a prescription, which we take to the chemist's, who makes up the medicine. If you follow the doctor's advice, you get better. If we have high temperature, we must stay in bed and take the medicine he prescribes. If we cannot get better at home we must go to hospital.


   If we want to keep fit we should remember the following rules: 1) get up early and go to bed early; 2) We should take regular exercises to keep fit and eat healthy food. We should wash our hands before meals. We shouldn’t eat too much or too little food. So, if you want to be healthy you should keep to a healthy way of life.

Animals in danger

The Earth hour

Vote the Earth (kids)

What is the difference between the United Kingdom, England and Great Britain?

Parliament and Government: an overview

Crawford's Corner - good table manners

Do you know anything about Russian tea drinking tradition?

Tea is an extremely significant part of Russian culture. Tea warms you up, wakes you up, and is nice after a big meal. Tea in Russia is not just a beverage – it’s a social activity with a long-reaching tradition behind it.




Tea is popular in many countries and each country has own traditions and preferences in drinking of tea. Russia is the country where tea-drinking formed into individual tradition. History of Russian tea-drinking ceremony has began in 1638 when Russian Tsar Michael Fedorovich got special diplomatic gift from Altyun-Khan, ruler of Mongolia. Till that time Russians did not know anything about tea and used to soft drinks based on honey.



In Russia tea is served after meals and during mid-afternoon breaks, a kind of English "five-o'clock-tea" with difference that this Russian "five-o'clock-tea" may occur in any part of day and in any place - in office, in a car, in a park.



When friends visit somebody hosts invite them to have a cup of tea. This "cup of tea" is not just a tea but a lots of cookies, sandwiches, other meal. Each feast ends with tea-drinking with candies and cakes.



Till present time when bagged tea got popular in the world Russians still prefer tea prepared in old classical way when tea is put into a tea-pot and then poured with boiling water - nothing special but only this way can provide good taste of tea.




“This time I will speak about those small and pleasant tea things which were invented in Russia: tea with lemon, drinking tea from the saucer, and tea ‘vprikusku’ (drinking tea holding a lump of sugar in the mouth).”


 Denis Shumakov